Data Recovery 101: Introduction to Data Recovery

What is Data Recovery?

Computer Data Recovery

Data Recovery is the process of restoring or salvaging data that has been lost, corrupted, or accidentally deleted from secondary storage like, internal or external hard drives, USB flash drives, CD’s and DVD’s.


Causes of Data Loss

The data recovery process depends on how the data loss. Data loss has many forms like data corruption, hacking, hard drive failure, accidental deletion can cause data loss. But the main reason for data loss is due to human errors based on UK statistics released in 2016.

See other cause of data loss – software crashes, physical damaged to hard drives, logical errors, natural disaster, theft and many others.


How Does Data Recovery Work?

Data recovery is not limited to fixing storage related failures. Accidental deletion and forgotten passwords are a couple of the non-failure related causes that may also bring forth the necessity of data recovery.

There are many methods or ways to recover data. Let’s take a look at some of the common techniques used in data recovery.


Recovery Method for File Deletion

In the case of file deletion, you can use Recuva or TestDisk file recovery software, to locate the exact location of files on your hard drive. In this case you can easily pinpoint or locate which part of your hard drive is still accessible.


Recovery Method for Corrupt Files

Corrupt hard drive errors can be disheartening and disappointing at the same. However, it’s still possible the data could be recovered. By using the correct data recovery software that can repair the table of your hard drive, it should be easy to recover all your files back.


Recovery Method for Physical Drive Damage

Salvaging files from a broken or damage data storage device is of the most complicated forms of data loss. You need professional help to fix the drive and recover your files.


Recovery Method for Damage File System Format

Similar to accidental file deletion, file system formatting can destroy information about the previous files and the structure of the disk. You basically need an effective data recovery software to repair the file system and locate accurately the exact location of the previous files.


Additional Tips: Make a lots of Backups

To avoid hassle and expensive fees from professionals, the best thing you can do is to make a lot of backups to your important files. You can external hard drive of backup your files or try to use cloud backup provide like Dropbox.